6:00 PM18:00

"What WOKE Looks Like"

"Is there space among the 'woke' for the 'still waking?'" - Anand Giridharadas, Obama Foundation Summit, 2017

Join us at The Camp House as we begin the weekend celebration of MLK Day for a special evening to discuss and envision the future of our civic culture in Chattanooga; "What WOKE Looks Like." Inspired by his trip to the inaugural Obama Foundation Summit this past fall and its evocation of the Civil Rights Movement, 800 Collective founder Josiah Golson will share his experiences as an opportunity for a community conversation.

Through talk, visual art, and musical performance, Jazzanooga and the 800 Collective will facilitate a dialogue and design session on creating a culture where citizens can grow in awareness and connectedness to bring positive change to our communities. 

Special Performances by Spoken Word Artists Christian J. Collier, Olivia Bradley and Independent Music Artist, Seaux Chill.

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